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Celebrate your company success with your team, having fun on Slow Drive style.

Incentives is a development experience and an opportunity to make your team unite. Your team will be stimulited by fun, condivision of company's value, sense of belonging and sustain to relations.

It's a unique and exclusive experience that will be impressed in memory and will strengthen the relashionship with the company.

Vintage cars hire
for incentives events

‘Slow Drive’ offers its expertise in the organization of company incentives events and guided tours aboard its unique fleet of classic automobiles.

Over 50 vintage vehicles from spiders to saloons, from coupes to the most famous Fiat 500, we give all our regular and new clients a wonderful old-fashioned experience.

With a Dolce Vita's experience as a backdrop to your event, the possibility of enriching the experience by introducing stylish details such as classic style driving gloves and vintage style scarf, challenges and events such as races, food and wine tasting etc. It will be an unforgettable experience!

In order to ensure a positive experience in every detail ‘Slow Drive’ also provides:

  1. Delivery of the vehicles throughout northern Italy
  2. Technical support accompaniment
  3. Multiple stand by exchange vehicles
  4. Detailed study and pre-event run through of the clients chosen itinerary
  5. Route maps and the road book
  6. Multi lingual briefing before departure
  7. Vintage gadgets
  8. All required permits and passes
  9. ‘Vintage style’ photo shoot
  10. Lead vehicle (on request)
  11. Insurance cover
  12. Fast motorcycle support if required
  13. Performance race organization
  14. Team building organization 


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Via Guglielmo Marconi, 108
25080 Padenghe sul Garda (BS) ITALY


Phone: + 39 030 990 77 12
Fax: + 39 030 990 77 12